Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Well Rounded Addiction

My very first etsy purchase was waiting for me when I returned home. It is the aforementioned bag from and I am even happier with it in person than I was with it online. It has created a conundrum for me though. I was already addicted to the selling side of etsy but now I feel a new addiction stirring within me, buying on etsy! I think my biggest problem is that I love receiving things in the mail. Not any old thing, junk mail does not thrill my soul, but things I've purchased online, cards from friends and family, that kind of mail always makes my day. I await it's arrival with the excitment of a child on Christmas eve. I blame my Grandma who, with every change of the season, would send my brother and I each a huge box stuffed full of brand new clothing in the latest styles that would be delivered right to our doorstep by the beloved UPS guy.

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