Friday, February 29, 2008

Lover's Spat

My beloved was desperately in need of some attention, her cutting mat was wearing out and her blade was getting so dull it was pulling and tearing the paper instead of cutting it. So, the other day while I was scrapping with Mr. Golden Curls I asked if they had these things in stock. "Why yes, right this way." says the pleasant scrapbook store lady "HOLY CRAP! You've gotta be kidding!" I would've yelled had I not had my 3 year old standing next to me. The blade alone, and I do mean a single, very tiny, very lonely blade, cost $36.00! The mats, atleast they came as a couple, cost $18.00! The honeymoon is in danger of being over. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to make up over a roll of $8.00 self-adhesive vinyl though. There isn't much that cute diecut decals, and love, can't fix.

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idyll hands said...

I felt this way today at the local bead shop. I have a couple of earring designs in mind and had to get some beads for them (didn't have what I wanted, of course). After I saw the price of what I wanted, I almost ran away. But I didn't. Poor money management? Perhaps. Good earrings? Yes ;)