Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feliz Navidad! Skull Cards

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What better way to inspire feelings of the season than sending your loved ones cards with skull and crossbones made of traditional Christmas scrapping paper? Well now you have no excuses because Skull Christmas cards have returned to The Beehive! Hop on over to get your own set, more sets coming soon and don't forget I always take special orders!

While you're there you can pick up some skull Christmas decorations!

Happy Skull-filled Holidays (large garland) and Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (small garland)

Set of Three Skullflake Ornaments

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Edible Fun

Over Thanksgiving the boys got to play with this really cool stuff, cookie play dough. It looks just like play dough and they can make stuff out of it and then bake them up and eat them! They LOVED it and it kept them entertained at the end of the weekend when they were pretty frazzled.

Mr. Golden Curls tries to decide which beautiful color to use first.

Lil' Spitfire digs right in with the cookie cutters.

Of course Mr. Golden Curls picks the set of train cookie cutters, he's a boy obsessed when it comes to trains, thanks a lot Thomas!

Lil' Spitfire just wants to play around in the dough but he actually gets pretty good with the cookie cutters for a 2 year old.

"Are they ready yet?!" A watched cookie never bakes!

The beauties all baked up. The one in the middle was what most of Lil' Spitfire's cookies ended up being.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It&'s That Time Of Year

Last night I stuffed myself silly at my church's Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn't believe the mass amounts of food! I also can't believe that this Thursday brings us Thanksgiving day! In celebration of this holiday, and the fact that I'm sick of looking at my shop's Thanksgiving items, I would like to offer free shipping on select items (see below) to my blog and Twitter readers. Make sure you mention "FREE SHIPPING" in the message to seller when purchasing so I know you're one of the cool kids and I'll refund your shipping costs. Here's the list of applicable goodies. Click the image or the caption to be taken to the shop listing:

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm The Winner!

I hardly ever win anything, I guess Lady Luck and I aren't on speaking terms, but a few weeks ago I won this gorgeous bar of pumpkin spice soap from 9th Street Soap Company! Mmm, it looks and smells fantastic and I can't wait to jump into a hot tub to try it out. Be sure to visit 9th Street Soap Company on etsy here, for yummy soaps and candles, and visit the blog Jewelled and Pampered for your next chance to win.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jacqueline Rocks The Buffalo Patch

How gorgeous is this?! My pictures just don't do it enough justice. The Bohemian had been working on a design for a patch to put on the studly leather vest he wears when he gets to ride a motorcycle and came up with this design of a buffalo skull with a Native American themed cross. I told him if it could be made into a patch then I knew just the person who could do it and immediately contacted Jacqueline of Snappy Bibs and BooBonnets. I knew she was good but this is just astounding! Check out some better pics of the detailed stitching on her blog here. And you'll be missing out if you don't visit her etsy shops: SnappyBibs, where she sells the most adorable appliqued and embroidered baby gear and BooBonnets, a shop full of her wonderful contoured nursing pads, a must see for all nursing moms because they come in so many different styles, colors and, even better, different sizes! So smart!

We don't have it attached yet but had to check it out right away. Annie cat shows her approval by continuing her nap!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Papercut Kitchen Book Review: The Boss Of You You

It took me some months to read but I've finally finished The Boss Of You: Everything A Woman Needs To Know To Start, Run, And Maintain Her Own Business by Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears. Wow, that's a title! I'm not typically a slow reader but life slows me down a lot these days and I also wanted to make sure I actually did the stuff in this book instead of just reading past it. Yes, there is homework.

I would definitely recommend this to business newbies. It's not specific to selling your crafts but these ladies are web designers so they have the artsy side of business covered. The thing I appreciated most is the information on setting your prices according to the cost of materials, time put in and the salary you'd like to be making. Hmmm, I may actually be able to pay myself a salary if I rework my prices?! They also do a wonderful job of helping you figure out your company's identity, what direction you want it to take and who you should be marketing to by doing fun exercises like personifying your company. Fun! It inspired me to make a business to-do list and one of the tops on the list is becomming an official business. Time for me to research! Good thing they have a fantastic resource guide in the back of the book, I think it will lead me to everything I need to know.