Saturday, November 29, 2008

Edible Fun

Over Thanksgiving the boys got to play with this really cool stuff, cookie play dough. It looks just like play dough and they can make stuff out of it and then bake them up and eat them! They LOVED it and it kept them entertained at the end of the weekend when they were pretty frazzled.

Mr. Golden Curls tries to decide which beautiful color to use first.

Lil' Spitfire digs right in with the cookie cutters.

Of course Mr. Golden Curls picks the set of train cookie cutters, he's a boy obsessed when it comes to trains, thanks a lot Thomas!

Lil' Spitfire just wants to play around in the dough but he actually gets pretty good with the cookie cutters for a 2 year old.

"Are they ready yet?!" A watched cookie never bakes!

The beauties all baked up. The one in the middle was what most of Lil' Spitfire's cookies ended up being.


Lizardbreath said...

I have got to have that recipe! How fun!!!

Grandma said...

What fun....and such bright colors! Great job boys! Grandma loves and misses you! Counting the days.

Melissa said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to do that with my daughter. Did you use cookie dough?

Sunny of The Beehive said...

Sorry I don't have a recipe to share, my mom bought it as a ready made set of cookie dough. They taste kind of like the pre-made cookie dough you can buy in the grocery store's refrigerated section, slice and bake. Maybe you could make your own sugar cookie dough and mix in food coloring? I never have been much of a baker!