Friday, February 29, 2008

Lover's Spat

My beloved was desperately in need of some attention, her cutting mat was wearing out and her blade was getting so dull it was pulling and tearing the paper instead of cutting it. So, the other day while I was scrapping with Mr. Golden Curls I asked if they had these things in stock. "Why yes, right this way." says the pleasant scrapbook store lady "HOLY CRAP! You've gotta be kidding!" I would've yelled had I not had my 3 year old standing next to me. The blade alone, and I do mean a single, very tiny, very lonely blade, cost $36.00! The mats, atleast they came as a couple, cost $18.00! The honeymoon is in danger of being over. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to make up over a roll of $8.00 self-adhesive vinyl though. There isn't much that cute diecut decals, and love, can't fix.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One of Those Days

Sometimes I feel like my to-do list has a to-do list!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Second Generation Scrapper

My husband isn't the best with picking up around the house but he is the master of knowing when I need some time away from the glorious title of "MAMMA!!!!!!" He not only has the indispensable talent of walking in the door and immediately seeing "frazzled" written across my forehead, he is also one of those blessed men who recognizes the fact that being a mom is a job, a hard one, one that affords few breaks, so he gives me a weekly break. Every Tuesday was my day off. From sun up to sun down I didn't have to do a single mom-related chore I didn't want to do. This usually meant a blissful day of my beloved crack-filled mochas and scrapping with my buddy Kim at our beautiful local scrapbook supply store. That is until the move. I was very reluctant to give up my scrapping day-o'-bliss so I decided I would put Jackson, aka. Lil' Spitfire, into Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and I could try entering the world of scrapping with a 3 year old. Much to my amazement it's going pretty well! He does some work on his scrapbook, which is heavily Thomas and Cars themed, and I actually get some work done on my own scrapbook! So I'm busily training up the next generation of scrappers.

When dropping little brother off at MDO Graham was asked what he was going to do today. His response, expressed in his usual slow and contemplative way: "I'm going--with my good friend Mamma--scrapbooking." Well, just melt my heart with sweetness Mr. Golden Curls! Graham is scrapping pictures he took himself (sooo much fun!). My favorite layout so far: bright blue Thomas paper and a photo of our bright turquoise bathroom and, somehow, Pappa's hand.

Such a literal little man: "Put the page under your chin so I can see it!" "OK, Cheese!"

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's a Nice Day for a...

...cobalt blue, ivory, orange, yellow, with a touch of gold wedding! This is my first custom order for a scrapbook, well my sister in law ordered the Asian baby album, but this is the first outside of the family. It is for the buyer's daughter and as odd as the color combo sounded once I started researching her flowers I could see it working and I think it actually turned out quite lovely. I didn't get the best pics of it. I usually try to take pics during the day so I can get as much natural light as possible but I didn't want her waiting on my pursuit of perfect photos. Again I'm love love loving my diecutter! I used it to do the monogram letters for the title page.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It has been three weeks now since my husband started living 4 hours away, but I got to hang out with him for most of this past week. On Monday afternoon I drove down to visit feeling giddy, like a school girl visiting her crush, and I had so much fun! It was like a little vacation and I got to get to know this future home of mine a little better and must admit, I'm warming up to it. It's pretty artsy and the downtown is cool, I haven't gotten to venture much past that so I don't have a good feel for the whole town. I had planned on doing a photo documentary of how my husband is living these days because it's so bohemian, and more than a smidge odd. After he was all moved into his apartment, I use the term apartment loosely, we walked back into the ally, I looked around at the beautiful rundowness of it all and said "Jack Kerouac would be proud." Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of getting kids and dog out of the house and on their way to Grandma's house (yea for Grandma!) and my over excitement to get on the road to see the husband I hadn't seen in two weeks, I forgot my camera, so pictures will have to wait.

I felt inspired visiting this town with it's moderately neglected oldness. We walked up and down the main street, in and out of boutiques full of really cool stuff I will never afford. We had breakfast in the restaurant upstairs from my husband's apartment. It's so closely upstairs that the scootching of wooden chairs on the wooden floor above and the soft rumble of customers' voices was my morning alarm. We visited "The Poet's Loft", a little place about a block away. The first night they had open mic jam session. My husband is a Jack of all Musical Trades so he was up there drumming, singing, and playing guitar. The next night was their poetry slam. I'm not a poetry writer/reader, actually I'm not much into being on display in front of people, I leave that to my husband who on this night read a poem by Mother Theresa and sang a silly ditty.

My husband even got to come home with me for a day or two but now he's gone. Drove off in the cold, dark night in our as of yet topless '68 VW convertible bundled up to twice his size. While he was here he felt a little like a stranger in his own home, having had to live out of a suitcase. As he was leaving I had the feeling that I just have visitation rights to my husband, I guess that makes Hot Springs the evil stepmother. It seems there is still some warming up to be done!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Feature: tizzalicious

Meet Tizz, a crafting etsian from Holland. She makes a lot of different things but there’s no mistaking her style, it’s Tizzalicious! Her teeny tiny dollhouse art makes me want to retrieve my unfinished dollhouse from my parents and start renovations! You can find Tizz at her etsy store, her off etsy shop and keep up with her on her adorable blog, I just checked out her blog and saw that she has a tutorial on how to make her adorable monster! See some of her work and read her interview below. Click a pic to view the etsy listing.

OOAK Miniature Dollhouse Wallart for Blythe, Barbie, Pullip...

Heart and Star Brooch

Fugerella (Cute Monster)
all photos used with the permission of Tizzalicious
Tell us a little about your non-etsy self
I'm Tizz, a 25 years old crafty girl from Holland! I have a boyfriend, Per, who has to put up with the mess I make when creating stuff. I'm a Blythe addict, and Hanson fan, and I think I'm a bit of a shopaholic too!

What do you do for a living in the daytime?

I am currently on disability because of severe migraines.

Tell us a little about your etsy self

I am an Etsy addict! Ever since I signed up I can't stop browsing the forums, treasuries, other peoples' cute blogs,... I wish I was rich so I could buy a whole lot! My favourites are filled with cuteness! As for my shop, I sell "kawaii, kitsch & rockabilly", so my shop is full of cuteness and things inspired by the past. I started with just jewelry (for people and Blythe dolls alike!), but I recently added other things like magnets, little mixed media collages, and cute soft monsters.

What do you make and why did you start making it?

I make jewelry, accessories, mixed media art and softies. I have been making everything for years now, except for the softies, I started those recently.

How did you discover etsy and how long have you been selling on etsy?

A friend told me about it! I signed up as a buyer first (sometime in 2007), but didn't start selling until January this year.

What inspires you?

I love anything 50s and retro, which is definitely noticeable in my work. And other peoples' crafts & cuteness! Being on Etsy really inspired me to be more crafty and try new techniques.

What advice do you have for people trying to sell their crafts?

Make sure you have good pictures in your shop, and promote a lot! Start a blog and use it for more than just shop updates so people will be interested in reading it. Get a Flickr, a MySpace, sign up for blog listings,...anything to get your name out there! And be original! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Well Rounded Addiction

My very first etsy purchase was waiting for me when I returned home. It is the aforementioned bag from and I am even happier with it in person than I was with it online. It has created a conundrum for me though. I was already addicted to the selling side of etsy but now I feel a new addiction stirring within me, buying on etsy! I think my biggest problem is that I love receiving things in the mail. Not any old thing, junk mail does not thrill my soul, but things I've purchased online, cards from friends and family, that kind of mail always makes my day. I await it's arrival with the excitment of a child on Christmas eve. I blame my Grandma who, with every change of the season, would send my brother and I each a huge box stuffed full of brand new clothing in the latest styles that would be delivered right to our doorstep by the beloved UPS guy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Feature: dogwoodlane

I’ve been wanting to start featuring a new etsian each week and now I’ve finally gotten around to it. My first victim, Sally from She makes all kinds of bags and her signature item, the Super Organized Wallet. All of them are made of the most fantastically stylish fabrics. One of her babies is coming to live with me soon! In this post you can view some of her products and read her interview.
Try not to be jelous guys, this mod bag is MINE! Besides, if you saw the state of my current bag
you would buy it for me. Don't worry, Sally has other lovely things in her shop and does special
orders too.

This is one of dogwoodlane's superfantastic Super Organized Wallets in Atomic Circles. Click the pics to see the etsy listing.

all product photos were used with the permission of

What do you do for a living in the daytime?

Well, I'm a stay at home mama to a little girl who just turned 4. So I mostly play games that she's made up and sew during the day.

Tell us a little about your etsy self.

So, dogwoodlane is my shop and it's my place to connect to the crafty world and other people who really appreciate handmade. I've really come to love the etsy community (especially my AREtsy gals) so much! Having so many people who have a love for handmade items in one place is pretty incredible. I also really love the relationships that I've made with many of my customers. It's really fantastic to get to know the people who enjoy the things I make. And well, OK, and the shopping is fantastic, too!

Tell us a little about your non-etsy self.

I'm pretty boring really. I have a cute little family of three (my husband, the little one, and me). I like to ride my bicycle, and I like books and movies.

What do you make and why did you start making it

I make various types of bags and purses, but my signature item is my super organized wallet. I started making wallets because I really like them, and I was having a hard time finding one for myself that I was really happy with. I like wallets that I can shove full of all kinds of stuff and not have to worry about carrying a bag if I don't want to. And, I really was tired of all the plain leather mass produced stuff that I was finding in stores. So, after lots of trial and error, I came up with the super organized wallet.

How did you discover etsy and how long have you been selling on etsy?

I found etsy when I was browsing the internet for artwork for my home. At the time, I hadn't even really considered selling the things I made online or anywhere else for that matter. But, I was hooked on the site and, after alot of encouragement, started a shop of my own in Jan. 2007.

What inspires you?

Oh, I guess I get inspiration from lots of places. Usually, if I'm in a bit of a slump, just getting away from sewing and playing with my little one and marveling at her creativity gets me going again. And sometimes it's just the fabrics that do it....sometimes they just call out to be made into something.

What advice do you have for people trying to sell their crafts?

I'm certainly no expert, but I really think you just gotta find your niche (especially on etsy) and roll with it. You have to find what makes your work unique and really focus on that and let people know what makes you so stinkin' cool. And...I think you have to love whatever it is that you do (a big ol’ cliche, I know).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Artful Blogging Magazine

I dragged the kiddos all over creation today shopping for a custom wedding scrapbook order and we had to make a Barnes and Noble pit stop. I like to take them there because they have the Thomas the Tank Engine train table setup and they have storytimes and of course they have Starbucks coffee. I swear Starbucks adds crack to their mochas to keep me coming back for more. Our routine is to go in through the cafe, order a cup of crack filled cafe mocha, go to the crafting mags so I can have something to look at while they play, and then head back to the children's department. Well today I discovered something new in my crafting magazine section. It's a new magazine called Artful Blogging. Being a new blogger and an artist my interest was peaked. Since I didn't get much looking done in the store, I shelled out the $14.99, something I never do for a magazine, I'm cheap like that. I'm not disappointed. It's beautiful to look at and lets me look at blogs on my couch! It's also really inspiring and I can't wait to check out all the featured blogs online.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life Gets In The Way

Tonight I was feeling a little frustrated that I can't seem to get much crafting done. Today I managed to make only two cards between feeding, bathing, diapering, and catering to two kids and dealing with two different bedtimes and being a temporary single mom. My youngest is getting in two very nasty second molars and being very clingy with Pappa gone. He's also likely to either not sleep through the night or wake up at 5:30am ready to start his day. I was so focused on getting those silly cards done that every little thing that distracted me was extremely aggitating and I had to work really hard at not snapping at the boys. Now that the house is calm I'm realizing life isn't getting in the way, but I often get in the way of enjoying my life. Besides, I wouldn't want any other life getting in the way of my crafting than the one I have now!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sweetheart Box

I have finally made something, it's a tiny something, none the less crafting has indeed taken place in my house! I decided it's never too late to make Valentineish things since people fall in love all year. So here's The Sweetheart Box. Ooops, as I was writing this post I realized that I had this item listed in my shop as the Sweatheart Box, hmmm, maybe a gift for lovers gone astray!

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I am in the process of discovering the joys of Etsy Teams. These are groups of Etsians who have banded together under commonalities of beliefs, artistic style, medium or location. I'm so excited to have found a group for my fellow inhabitants of Arkansas, AREtsy! They sound like a fun bunch and it's wonderful to think that I might meet up with like-minded people in person and have buddies to join in craft fairs with. I discovered them just barely too late to make their first meet and greet but look forward to the next. Etsy is just a world unto itself!