Saturday, February 16, 2008

Artful Blogging Magazine

I dragged the kiddos all over creation today shopping for a custom wedding scrapbook order and we had to make a Barnes and Noble pit stop. I like to take them there because they have the Thomas the Tank Engine train table setup and they have storytimes and of course they have Starbucks coffee. I swear Starbucks adds crack to their mochas to keep me coming back for more. Our routine is to go in through the cafe, order a cup of crack filled cafe mocha, go to the crafting mags so I can have something to look at while they play, and then head back to the children's department. Well today I discovered something new in my crafting magazine section. It's a new magazine called Artful Blogging. Being a new blogger and an artist my interest was peaked. Since I didn't get much looking done in the store, I shelled out the $14.99, something I never do for a magazine, I'm cheap like that. I'm not disappointed. It's beautiful to look at and lets me look at blogs on my couch! It's also really inspiring and I can't wait to check out all the featured blogs online.

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