Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft Show Progress Report

I'm trucking right along towards that first craft show with less than 3 weeks to go! After much debate with myself I finally signed up for Propay last night so I can accept credit cards. I think since my custom scrapbooks and silhouettes are pricier I might sell more this way and I've just heard so many reports of how much more people have sold once they started accepting cards. I also ordered some cello bags. I figured this was an economic way to have shopping bags but also have something I'll use in other ways, like shipping. This could be a fail but there are so many things I'm just going to learn by doing. I'll have to make sure I take notes while I'm there of ways to improve!

Almost done with this stack of appreciation boxes and a stack of new items, little scrapbooks in a box (not pictured). I bought a little table top Christmas Tree to display them under and put ornaments on. Let's hope I get the ornaments done! I was hoping for a silver or red foil tree but they were too expensive for this go 'round. Too bad. It will probably stay on my list and I'll shop for them after the season, I think if it was foiled it would be cute for any selling season.

I finished a new baby girl scrapbook cover. I love the giant rhinestoned safety pin! I also made this one with new cardstocks that are super cute but that show-and-tell will have to wait until after Nov. 14th. Unless, of course, you attend the Handmade for the Holidays craft show!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Craft Show Here I Come!

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Yesterday morning I got notice that I was accepted to the Handmade for the Holidays craft show! woo-hoo with a side of panic. I've been crafting like mad but it's tough going with the little ones and I know there's so much stuff I would like to make. There is also so many non-crafting show related details to take care of, it makes my head spin a bit. Today I get a fantastic reprieve, a friend of mine is going to watch my youngest during the day while I make, make, make! This is going to be wonderful, not only from a productivity stand point but I've been going a little mamma nuts this week and could really use some peace and quiet! Craft show here I come!

This new Owl Scrapbook is going to the show with me. It's not in my shop yet but will be soon!

I thought I was making tons of paper bead bracelets until I set them out for this shot. I think I'm going to need more! Especially since I've sold 2 and given one as a gift.

I'm also giving a lot of consideration to changing my business name. When I started this I wasn't really sure what I was going to make and sell so I went pretty generic with my name. Now that I've gotten that figured out it's time for a business name, logo and cohesive identity that speaks more to what I'm doing. It's tough going though, every time I come up with one that I love I find it's in use. I don't want to find myself stuck with a name like Scrapbook World or Scrapbooks by Sunny but I also have this issue where I like to go too crazy with names, something that is overly evident in the names I've chosen for my pets over the years. Hmm, this one will take some time to figure out!

But wait there's more! I've redesigned my wedding scrapbook cover. The first attempt was a sort of in the style of blech. Now I think I have a more modern, simple and pretty cover, ahhh much better! My full fledged wedding album is available for purchase here. If you want just the cover you can buy that here.

That's it for today's show and tell, happy scrapping!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Holidays, They Are A Comin'

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

And I'm a busy little bee! I've applied to my very first craft show, Handmade for the Holidays, and I'm giddy with excitement and nervousness. It should be the perfect show for getting my virgin craft fair feet wet, it's just one day, the fees are low and it's right here in town at a really cool space called The Art Church. The only problem is I won't find out if I've been accepted until the week before the show, which means accepted or not I'm prepping now as though I am. I'm practicing optimism! And hey, if I'm not accepted I'll be completely ready for another one!

Already I'm seeing that craft show prep is hefty stuff. Not only do I have to try and figure out how much stuff I might sell, and make it, I have to figure out how I'm going to accept payments and custom orders, the best way to package and display my items, there are signs, banners and business cards to be made...whew. My lovely husband and friends are offering help and I'm taking it. Even though I only have one boy home now it can still be amazingly impossible to get anything that's not house/family related done.

I made a bowl full of glass chip flower pins for the show along with some additional examples of how my custom silhouettes can be made. The silhouettes are now up for purchase in my shop and they will travel with me to the show, along with some I made of my adorable boys! I suppose if I don't get into the show the pins will go in the shop as well.

On other exciting news I've been in several treasuries these days. I haven't been able to keep up with posting them the way I'd like to. The most recent is a lovely treasury called Something Worth Leaving Behind created by Eco Creations jewelry. You can also see my Custom Pet Silhouette featured in Riley's Pooch Pics on an adorable blog called Hello Little Riley.

That's all for now, Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Here! Punked Out Baby Boy Mini Scrapbook

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

On Friday the stork flew into The Beehive and delivered the Punked Out Baby Boy Mini Scrapbook. Stop on by to make it yours by clicking here. On Monday there will be another special delivery, the Punked Out Baby Girl Mini Scrapbook. Happy Baby and Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coming Tomorrow To The Beehive: Punked Out Baby Boy Scrapbook

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

The Punked Out Baby Boy Mini Scrapbook is complete and will be available at The Beehive tomorrow! I'm so excited I'm giving an advanced viewing of all the pages in this little gem. Be sure to visit The Beehive tomorrow to make this bad boy yours and click any image here to enlarge. This little book is so versatile, it can be used for pictures, just journaling or a mix. There is so much in this little spiral bound mini scrapbook I hardly know where to start! Foil and flocked cardstocks, rhinestones and brads, guitars, skulls, tags, pockets, a blinged out milestones layout...Here it is in all of its rockin' splendor!