Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft Show Progress Report

I'm trucking right along towards that first craft show with less than 3 weeks to go! After much debate with myself I finally signed up for Propay last night so I can accept credit cards. I think since my custom scrapbooks and silhouettes are pricier I might sell more this way and I've just heard so many reports of how much more people have sold once they started accepting cards. I also ordered some cello bags. I figured this was an economic way to have shopping bags but also have something I'll use in other ways, like shipping. This could be a fail but there are so many things I'm just going to learn by doing. I'll have to make sure I take notes while I'm there of ways to improve!

Almost done with this stack of appreciation boxes and a stack of new items, little scrapbooks in a box (not pictured). I bought a little table top Christmas Tree to display them under and put ornaments on. Let's hope I get the ornaments done! I was hoping for a silver or red foil tree but they were too expensive for this go 'round. Too bad. It will probably stay on my list and I'll shop for them after the season, I think if it was foiled it would be cute for any selling season.

I finished a new baby girl scrapbook cover. I love the giant rhinestoned safety pin! I also made this one with new cardstocks that are super cute but that show-and-tell will have to wait until after Nov. 14th. Unless, of course, you attend the Handmade for the Holidays craft show!


Lindsey said...

i'm working on getting ready for my first craft fair too, but I'm not that far along yet unfortunately. good luck!

Beth said...

Good luck with the craft show! I just made the decision to be in an artfest next spring so I have lots of time to get ready. But it will be my first too. If you have any tips or advice after the show, I would love to read about them!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sunny!
you are going to be so glad you signed up to accept credit cards! it really does make a huge difference!

i also got one of these signs for my table and it answers everyone questions of what payment i accept. excellent value for $1.79


Sunny of The Beehive said...

Good luck with your shows Lindsey and Beth! I'll try to post tips and tricks after the show but I'm not sure I'll be the best source for that after just one show:) I will have a whole list of "do this next times" that I can share!

Melissa, the sign is a great idea. Propay has a free printable sign that I'm going to try out but if it doesn't turn out nice enough I'll definitely use your link, that's a great price!