Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paper Christmas Goodies

I've been on the crafting warpath the past few months trying desperately, in spite of two little boys, two dogs, a cat, a husband and all the life that goes with that, to make as much as possible for my first craft show. Now it's the final countdown. Only two weeks to showtime! This week is all about making Christmas paper goodies. I've made treat boxes and been graced by the helping hands of good friends. I've also been making gift tags until I'm blind. I've almost finished tying off the hundreds of hang tags with their twine, I've glued rhinestones like it's the '80's, and today I hope to make some adorable tree trimming garland. Next week will be all about making sure I know how I want my booth set up and making sure I have all the necessary things packed and ready.

These pics are so terrible I can't believe I'm posting them but the tags are so stinkin' cute! I love the way they turned out, simple and adorable die cut tree tags with rhinestone stars. Can be used to top your gifts or your scrap projects.

I couldn't stand it and made 6 more tag boxes. I have about 10 more scrapbooks in a box waiting to be made too. The last batch just didn't seem like enough.

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