Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Down To Business

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This final pre-craft show week is all about the booth and signage and price tags and figuring out how to take custom orders and credit cards and other business what-nots. I actually started getting nervous on Monday, really nervous, but it's looking like I should be able to get it all done. In an uncharacteristic move brought on by nervousness and exhaustion I'm going to let the pictures of what I've accomplished these past few days do most of the talking.

Above is a picture of the price signs and item descriptions that I will have standing around on tables, clipped to plates and to my little Christmas tree.

I've been seeing a lot of different craft show banners like this that people make out of fabric and was debating my own paper version (how could it be anything else?!) but when I saw this super cute banner on the Idyll Hands blog that was made by her sister, Punkinhead, I was sold!

And if a banner made of paper wasn't enough I had to, yes had to, make a paper tree skirt for my little tree.

Blah Blah Blah some of the boring essentials.

I do love the way my pricing signs turned out. Just like my business cards, it's amazing what scrapbook paper will do to jazz up a boring sign. The frames are just cheapies from Michaels but they look so pleasant.

I thought I would display my magnets on an old street sign my hubby has had in the garage forever but when I dug it out it was just too scrungy and distracting. A trip to Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon in hand and I found this metal sign that should look much nicer and it only cost me about $10.

My craft room was bursting at the seems so I decided if I was going to continue making things and be able to assess what still needed done it was time to move it all out to the dining table. It's a little nerve wracking to have it all out there where little hands and paws can reach it!

That's it for now! Happy Scrapping!


idyll hands said...

Ohhh! You are going to have so much fun. My favorite part of getting ready for shows is planning my display, business cards, signs, etc. Too fun! Good luck this weekend! I hope we both do tell at our shows :)

Sunny of The Beehive said...

It has been fun, though a little nerve wracking since I won't see it all put together until I set up for the show. It's also been a lot more time consuming than I had imagined it would be to do just the things for the booth that I'm not selling, like pricing signs.

Sandra y Coco said...

How is it that everything you do is SO beautiful and cute?? You are so creative! I have put an eye on a few items (specially the baby punk albums), and i am waiting to know if I'll have a boy or a girl to buy it from you! It will be a gift for myself and the baby when he or she is born <3

Sunny of The Beehive said...

Sandra, I didn't even know you are expecting, that's so exciting, congratulations! And thank you so much for the compliments. Can't wait to hear if it's a girl or boy!