Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Second Generation Scrapper

My husband isn't the best with picking up around the house but he is the master of knowing when I need some time away from the glorious title of "MAMMA!!!!!!" He not only has the indispensable talent of walking in the door and immediately seeing "frazzled" written across my forehead, he is also one of those blessed men who recognizes the fact that being a mom is a job, a hard one, one that affords few breaks, so he gives me a weekly break. Every Tuesday was my day off. From sun up to sun down I didn't have to do a single mom-related chore I didn't want to do. This usually meant a blissful day of my beloved crack-filled mochas and scrapping with my buddy Kim at our beautiful local scrapbook supply store. That is until the move. I was very reluctant to give up my scrapping day-o'-bliss so I decided I would put Jackson, aka. Lil' Spitfire, into Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and I could try entering the world of scrapping with a 3 year old. Much to my amazement it's going pretty well! He does some work on his scrapbook, which is heavily Thomas and Cars themed, and I actually get some work done on my own scrapbook! So I'm busily training up the next generation of scrappers.

When dropping little brother off at MDO Graham was asked what he was going to do today. His response, expressed in his usual slow and contemplative way: "I'm going--with my good friend Mamma--scrapbooking." Well, just melt my heart with sweetness Mr. Golden Curls! Graham is scrapping pictures he took himself (sooo much fun!). My favorite layout so far: bright blue Thomas paper and a photo of our bright turquoise bathroom and, somehow, Pappa's hand.

Such a literal little man: "Put the page under your chin so I can see it!" "OK, Cheese!"


Connie said...

so cute!

idyll hands said...

This is really cute. I love seeing the pictures and reading about the kids taking on interest in what their mom is crafting.

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer. I would pick up the mantle and take the spitfire and golden curls each week and give you your time. Hang in there. It looks like our little cutie is doing a great job scrapping, but then he is expectionally intelligent and talented! And I am not saying that just because I am his grandma! If I could figure out how, I would be "grandma" instead of anonymous. Ha!