Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jacqueline Rocks The Buffalo Patch

How gorgeous is this?! My pictures just don't do it enough justice. The Bohemian had been working on a design for a patch to put on the studly leather vest he wears when he gets to ride a motorcycle and came up with this design of a buffalo skull with a Native American themed cross. I told him if it could be made into a patch then I knew just the person who could do it and immediately contacted Jacqueline of Snappy Bibs and BooBonnets. I knew she was good but this is just astounding! Check out some better pics of the detailed stitching on her blog here. And you'll be missing out if you don't visit her etsy shops: SnappyBibs, where she sells the most adorable appliqued and embroidered baby gear and BooBonnets, a shop full of her wonderful contoured nursing pads, a must see for all nursing moms because they come in so many different styles, colors and, even better, different sizes! So smart!

We don't have it attached yet but had to check it out right away. Annie cat shows her approval by continuing her nap!


BooBonnets™ said...

Thanks! I had not seen the vest and it is awesome. I hope the Bohemian enjoys it and it was such a pleasure to work on his special gift.


dogwood said...

Jacqueline is the woman!!! She never ceases to amaze me!