Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Feature: TessaAnn Handmade Buttons and Embellishments

These weekly features have me drooling and dreaming of brand spankin' new handmade supplies taking over my scrapbook layouts! This week I bring you Tessa Ann, maker of the cutest felt scrapbook embellishments and handmade, handpainted buttons of brightly colored cuteness. Read Tessa Ann's interview below then make sure to visit her etsy shop, her blog and her twitter!

Jaune Noir Buttons by Tessa Ann

All photos used with the permission of Tessa Ann

Interview With Tessa Ann of Tessa Ann on etsy

What do you do for a living in the daytime?

Since being layed off from my job at the beginning of my year I have been working full time at my Etsy shop. Having the time to really focus on my work and be able to be open to many custom orders at once has really helped a lot in growing my business.

Tell us a little about your etsy self

I started Etsy in April of last year selling handmade flowers and buttons. My niche has been the handmade buttons I create. Many customers come to me with an idea for a button set and I get to put their idea to use to create something unique and one of a kind. You will notice I am a big fan of color and always throw in a bit of polka dots and stripes with each set I create.

Tell us a little about your non-etsy self

An opera singer turned button

What do you make and why did you start making it?

I create a combination of embellishments that can be used for both scrapbooking and sewing. For many years I have created my own handmade buttons and embellishments for my projects and thought it would be fun to put them up at Etsy and see what happened. To my surprise, my buttons have been a big hit!

What inspires you?

Betsey Johnson, TV Commercials (Bravo has the best color combinations in their commercials) Bright colors, children's story books, HGTV, Pottery Barn.

What advice do you have for people trying to sell their crafts?

My advice is to never give up. Believe in your craft and work as hard as it takes to get it going. I truly believe my little Etsy shop is like a garden. Each day I have to water and tend to it to make it grow and flourish.


Beth said...

These are so cute! I will definitely go check her shop out! Thanks for introducing her.

Cathy said...

Love Tessa shop, wish I could afford to buy more from her.