Friday, February 6, 2009

A Bad Case Of Nastomania

nosto·ma·nia (näs′tō mānē ə, -mān)

Main Entry: nostomania

Part of Speech: n

Definition: excessive or abnormal nostalgia; an obsessive or abnormal interest in nostalgia, especially as an extreme manifestation of homesickness; a passion for nostalgia

Etymology: Greek nostos 'homecoming'

As promised earlier, I have returned with a box of nostalgic love! You should be proud of me because I've only very recently grown enough to be able to share embarrassing photos of myself and this cigar box contains some doozies! I hate to let you in on this little tip but you can click the pic to enlarge, oy vey.

Ugh, I feel my cheeks burning already! Lots of me pics. We had an amusement park close by with a fantastic old photo booth. Here you can see me with my high school boyfriend (the one that took me on my first art museum trip in this story) and behind that a strip of just me. Yep, I entered the booth alone to take pictures, that's how much fun I thought it was.

Yes, that's me in the backpack with the terrible perm and bangs that I only dreamed of being able to fluff and spray to early nineties splendor. More importantly that is me about to embark on the infamous 8th grade hiking trip. I was not this happy by the end of the week! But I am wearing my crispy new Poison concert tee fresh from their concert in Buffalo NY where my bestest bud, Billie, and I sat with stars in our eyes in spite of being located in the nose bleeds and my chaperoning Dad managed somehow to sleep through the entire show!

The cigar box full inventory
  • my first boyfriend ever in a pink frame, a gift he gave me for Valentines day. It also had adorable red heart earrings attached. Little factoid, the thing that made me like this kid was that he had frequent nose bleeds and would write his name on his desk with the blood. I acted like this was gross because the other girls did but really though it was hysterical!
  • film strip with boyfriend
  • film strip with me
  • me and Billie sticking out our tongues
  • picture of me in some school related club
  • all my school ID cards from the first through college
  • my first car: a super hot, though mishap prone, 70's Fiat convertible. I totaled it in college and replaced it with the '68 convertible beetle we still have
  • that lovely hiking picture
  • key chain with my grandparents pic
  • buttons, two with my soft ball pic and one with my brother's baseball pic

other stuff:
  • various patches for achievements
  • coins imprinted with important personalized messages like "Sunny loves so and so" (by another old machine that was next to the old photo booth)
  • my teeth
  • a cast of my thumb
  • trouble dolls
  • "best friend" heart earrings and necklace, I have one half and Billie the other
  • shell bracelet that I made with Billie
  • a bookmark from my grandma
  • a boat carved by my brother from bark
  • some coins we mutilated while bored
  • 3D glasses
  • a KKK business card, no joke, this was handed to me by a guy at my new high school after moving south, talk about culture shock!
  • A note from my mom on how proud my parents were of me that was put in my lunch box
  • high school graduation tassel
  • girl scout memorabilia
  • my dad's St. Christopher money clip
  • One of my only match box cars, a pink Jeep with Snoopy driving
  • 70's style wallpaper sample from my old room in Fredonia, NY before the redo
  • a little naked baby figure. I have no idea where it came from but it's been around as long as I can remember and I've always loved it.


Punkinhead said...

LOVE this! I have several stashes of stuff like this all over the place. I need to get it all in one spot and treasure it as it deserves to be treasured. :)

Billie said...

I too have identical shoeboxes full of nostalgia...and I still have that cabbage patch kid lunchbox "time capsule" that we created...can't wait to dig all that stuff out of my parents house one day! Love U!

Sunny of The Beehive said...

Ah, the time capsule! Why didn't we ever bury that thing? I have several large boxes that I call my "memory boxes" full of smaller boxes of stuff:)