Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Silhouette Craft Robo

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So my beloved Silhouette Craft Robo digital craft cutter machine thingamajiggy doohickie's blade has gone dull again. It's only the second time but it made my heart sink with thoughts of the last time I had to replace it (you can read about that here). I started digging around online for the cheapest replacement. Ugh, I live in a town without an adequate scrapbook supply store for a snoot like myself! So I have to stop in the middle of a project, something I despise, and order and wait for supplies. Boohoo for me. Or do I? In this need I learned something marvelous at The Quilling Patch, I can sharpen my own blade, very very easily! All I had to do is cover my cutting matte with tin foil and run it through! No more arm and a leg replacements for me! This site is a fantastic resource for scrappers so check it out: The Quilling Patch. She not only tells you how to sharpen your blade (here) but has free GSD file Friday where you can download free designs and shows you how to make your own cutting mattes!

I also noticed that the Quickutz website seems to be a little deceptive in the selling of their blades. The expensive set (it costs $45 and you can see here) has plenty of details, while there's a much cheaper blade without all the unneeded doodads but they don't have an item description and it actually took me much hunting to realize that was even what it was (it costs $10 and you can see that here). Then I went to purchase it and couldn't. It didn't say out of stock or unavailable it just mysteriously sent me to a page full of other products, including the expensive blade replacement set. Smells a little like fish market to me.

Off to play with my beloved again. I'm working on some new designs for cute little appreciation boxes to add to my shop like the one at the top of this post. Happy Crafting!


Uneekdolldesigns said...

It sure does pay to read the fine print on some of those shopping sites...I have learned a few things the hard way! :)

ScrapEm said...

Thank you for those tips, I'm trying to get away from the bullies at Graphtec myself! I really don't like their customer policy.