Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boy Little Scrapbook Layout

You know those dreams where you're trying desperately to run but you move like you're running through a beach of molasses? That's the way it's been for me since this weekend. A little bit of everything is getting done but nothing is getting done thoroughly or very well. I have managed to do a few more personal scrapbook pages, yippee! I've decided it's time I wrapped up my 3 year old's baby book for his first year. These pages are from his 8th month, I'm a smidge behind.

I've been intentionally going simple so I can make some progress but as simple as this layout is I really like it. It's some nice rough and tumble boy paper and simple cut from coordinating paper embellishment. The brads holding the stars on the right hand side spell "boy" and under it are sticker letters that spell "little". Boy Little is what we called Lil' Spitfire when he was a baby. It was his super hero name.

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