Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Say Upcycled I Say Recycled

There's a crazy new word floating around the art and craft community, upcycled. Well, maybe it's an old word and I've been living under a rock somewhere but as the go green craze continues to grow (yea!) so does the need for people to up the cool factor. So now there's this word to make artists and crafters feel artsier and craftier, I feel like a goof using it but when in Rome...upcycle, upcycle, upcycle. So I have some (re)upcycled items in my shop. Some of my paper bead bracelets fit this moniker and at the moment I'm adding to those green items by making bookmarks and tags out of product boxes. I think my favorite thing about these goodies has been naming them, too much fun and they fit right in with my paper hoarding tendencies. So here they are, some of the latest additions to The Beehive, and I've already sold one of the beer box bookmarks!

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here.

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