Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love Struck

When my best friend got married this fall I couldn't just buy off the gift registry when I could make her a super decked out wedding album instead. Unfortunately with the move and life I didn't get it to her in person, but it is finally complete and I am very very pleased. I splurged on gorgeous papers at $1.50+/sheet (I can hear non-paper crafters gasping!) with glitter embossing, extravagant flocking, and shimmer and sheen to die for. I'd been eyeballing them for months and planning my fall themed attack. I also bought the most scrumptious ribbons and a super cute package of buttons and timidly dug in. About 8 hours, and ten million brads later I could just melt into this scrapbook, I love it! I hope it will be the perfect showcase for her wedding pictures.

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Billie said...

THis pictures don't even do it enough justice it's so perfect! :)

idyll hands said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Lizardbreath said...

It's beautiful sis.