Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wishing You A Pug-filled Christmas

Isn't he so pretty? I was terribly impressed with his manners during his photo shoot. We've never done this and so far when I try to take his picture he runs up and sticks his nose in the camera. I suppose getting dressed up has a civilizing effect on us all! He sat still as a stone waiting for his treat, there must be bribes! I did realize after looking at these that he's shorter than the bottom of the tree so the tree wasn't as much of a background as I'd hoped it would be, more of a hovering presence. Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE this dog?! He's perfection. My husband's pretty cool too, he enables my newly found Pug obsession by taking pics while I bribe.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" It's just the Pug Mamma trying to trick her Pug into acting like a Poodle.


idyll hands said...

Prosh! I can't get my cat to sit still long enough for a good picture (unless she's sleeping) but that's a cat for you.

She's naughty and already broke an ornament, so she's not allowed near the tree anyways.

Lizardbreath said...

You are such a dork! But I love you anyway.