Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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I'm late with the news so I can't post a link since treasuries expire, but I was honored in another beautiful all AREtsy treasury, Omorfus, by SnappyBibs. My baby congrats card is bottom row left. Snappy not only makes the most adorable bibs but also nursing pads and absolutely to die for gorgeous, retro style aprons designed with a noble purpose. She's definitely worth checking out. Thanks Snappy!

4th of July bib by SnappyBibs

Apron by SnappyBibs

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Diana said...

Hi Sunny! I'm just getting my head above nauseous waters again, and I'm so excited to be saying hello. I've missed communicating with you, even in this roundabout blog style. I'm so sad, though, really, to get caught up!

First, let me say congrats on the Treasury! It was beautiful, and so is your card. SnappyBibs creates some great stuff and I'll be sure to check it out, especially with the new baby planning and all.

What I'm sad about is that your house deal fell through. I can only imagine the deflated sense of purpose, after all the work, all the research, all the sacrifice. It's just not fair. At least, in my absence, I had pictured you and yoru family reuniting in Suburbia under a new pink foundation, together. Dammit!!!

I know that, in the end, everything works out for the better. It's in hindsight that you can see how and why. But still: I'm so sorry that you have to keep suffering and sacrificing in order to get there. I truly hope your family can be permanently reunited soon, and with roaches just an awful figment of the bohemian past.

Thinking of you~