Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kiddie Collage 101

Yesterday Mr. Golden Curls came up to me and said "Mamma, is it ok if we do some scrapbooking in my Thomas scrapbook." I was so excited before I remembered I've already packed all that up. That seems to happen about a million times a day, the boys asking for something and me having to tell them it's packed up and ready to go to our theoretical house in Hot Springs. "How about we make a collage instead, it's kindof like scrapbooking without the pictures." I can feel collage artists everywhere cringing at this definition but it's the best I could come up with and figured it'd do for a 4 year old. "Yeah! Can it be a Thomas collage!" "I'm sure I can dig up something Thomas-esque for you collage."

Note to self: Choose the box marked WASHABLE!

I made the first attempt at helping Mr. Golden Curls write his name, you know, without my holding his hand and making him write it. He did a great job for his first try but it was a bit painstaking, he was not at all thrilled that I was making him try it on his own. "I'll mess it up! I can't make it look right!" All this before he's put marker to paper. Poor little perfectionist first born!

I loved Lil' Spitfires collage. It was his first try with scissors, did the glue by himself and he actually managed to not destroy anything! He was very meticulous too, every piece of paper got it's own Disney sticker, only one each (well, until the very end when the Happy Feet stickers came out) and he was so deliberate with his little markings. Lil' Spitfire's mellowing in his old age.


Grandma said...

What fun! And what beautiful children!

dogwood said...

Awww, those are fantastic!

Ekio Locatiare said...

So cute! And they look like they had a blast ^-^

james ann said...

Too cute!

I can just hear the choo chooing now! :)

Diana said...

Your boys are absolutely divine. What gorgeous boys, and what talent and unique drive to express themselves already. You gotta be proud; I'm beaming pride for ya!!!