Saturday, June 21, 2008

How To Live Like a Rockstar

I just did this scrapbook layout of Lil' Spitfire, my youngest boy, when he was about 8 months old. He's now 2.5 years old, that's how behind I am! I'm loving how this turned out and the papers I used, Extreme Boy by junkitz. It's hard to find rockin' boy papers and embellishments but they did well with this line. It gets my raised in the air, pumping rock fist of approval! Hmm, get it while you can, I just read that junkitz is going out of business. I'll have to see what cool things I can find elsewhere.

It's pretty unusual for me to do a page with only one photo on it, most of my layouts are more like the second page, as many pics as I can reasonably cram on the page. I take too many pics that I like not to put as many as possible on each page, it would cost me a fortune and a million years if I didn't. I was really needing some good creative freedom, since I haven't scrapped in awhile, so I allowed myself this luxury. Totally worth it!

Each flaming star has a tip from Lil' Spitfire on How to Live Like a Rock star. Let him school you in the ways of the rocker: 1). Up all night, sleep all day 2). Live on the bottle 3). Perfect the slouch 4). Rage against the machine 5). Dress like you didn't try 6). Learn to play guitar--sort of

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