Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

I know I'm a day late but I would never want to be the one to tip someone off if they've forgotten what day it is and have a good gag coming their way. I've never been a terribly active participant in the holiday, not because I didn't appreciate it, but because my mind has to work very hard to come up with good gags and I'm not great at telling lies, even when it's for a good cause like silliness.

Etsy had some good gags yesterday. I missed out on the front page but apparently it was comprised completely of waffle photos rather than product pics and the featured artist was WatchManNYC with a shop full of cheap, made in China knockoffs that he was "selling". The feedback from his "buyers" is absolutely hysterical! There was also a "Waffles" tab at the top of the page that if you clicked it you were taken to more photos of waffles. I always appreciate a business that is willing to succumb to a bit of silliness. Martha Stewart is awesome with that. I saw her April Fool's show a few years ago and had forgotten what day it was, anyway it involved very serious discussions on how to arrange your garbage in an attractive manner, just brilliant!

Hope everyone had a great day, and if you pulled a good April Fool's joke or were on the receiving end of one do share!

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