Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breaking In The B.A.B.O.C

I loves me my religious icons so it was no surprise to me that the first project I wanted to try out of my brand spankin' new book was a tapped tin frame for a hologram picture my brother brought to me from Italy. I like the way it turned out. It should've been alot simpler than I made it. The author had a wonderful pattern that you just blowup on the copier, trace onto your flashing, cut, tap, fold and viola. But noooo, I couldn't do that. I wanted to frame this picture and this picture was too big and required my making many adjustments, lets just say it ended with several mistakes but nothing a little duct tape on the back for security didn't fix. I am a little ashamed of the fact that I stooped to using duct tape but it's just for me so I allowed myself this lazy out. I did learn several important lesson.

Lesson #1: Don't work on a brand new craft, with a pattern that has to be altered by figuring out lots of measurements, while your two year old is on a screaming mimi nap strike and your three year old is hell bent on doing computer games, but not any of the ones he knows how to play already, just the ones that require his asking a question every 30 seconds.

Lesson #2 Tin tapped crafts will not be my new favorite past time. It was fun but not something I'll be doing regularly, unless I want my hands to become crippled, want to make up new curse words, or want to frequently dredge up the classics.

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Grandma said...

When in doubt use duct tape! After all you do live in Arkansas, Red Green would be proud.