Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Big-Ass Book Of Crafts is MINE!

Tuesdays have become my 50% break from motherhood. Lil' Spitfire goes to Mother's Day Out and Mr. Golden Curls and I have have some quality time together. I'm also able to accomplish some of the housework that just doesn't happen when a rambunctious 2 year old is reigning terror throughout the home. Today we went to Barnes and Noble for the four millionth, six hundred fifty four thousand, one hundredth and second time, what can I say, I'm lacking creativity in all areas of my life these days. Mr Golden Curls doesn't mind a bit, he's a man of consistency and routines. He gets that from his mamma.

As part of my routine, I picked up some books to look at while he played trains. This book has been one I've picked up every visit for the past few months. I often get hooked on a book but tired after a few visits when I feel I have it thoroughly looked at. Since this one seems to have stuck I decided it was worth taking home. It's filled with lots of wonderful random crafts and alot of rockin' cool paper crafts, which allowed me to justify it as a business necessity. Ever since I got it home I've been rubbing my hands together mischievously, already anxiously awaiting the boys bedtime so I can dig into making something wonderful!


Diana said...

Is it strange to have just one for a while? Isn't it funny that that's what life was like, once, but now I can't even picture it. Reality is my attention and eyes planted firmly in two different directions and running in circles. :)

I'm so glad you get a break, though.

That book looks awesome. I'm glad you picked it up for yourself. You'll have to share some insights you glean for those of us who still can't carve out a moment (yet) to read...


Sunny of The Beehive said...

It is strange when I have just the one kiddo. It points out how much more work two are than one (way more than twice), especially when the one is potty trained and well past the terrible twos! It also makes me miss my Little Bit and wonder what he's doing :)