Thursday, November 29, 2007

Record Sales!

I have had two sales this week, and the weeks not over yet kids! Of course record sales is a tongue in cheek title since I have a grand total of 3 sales. I'm excited though, they are all from people I don't know and they are all the stuff that I think is cool, not the stuff that I'm making because I think it will appeal to the massess. Maybe I can making a buck doing something I love, probably just one buck though. The approaching Christmas season can't hurt. I've been making some rocking Christmas cards and ornaments if I do say so myself.

Selling is alot of fun! Not just the money, especially since at this point I am not making much. I get all giddy and hyper and happy when I see that I've sold something. Maybe it's what people feel like when they jump out of airplanes, win a bid or hit it at the slots. I never knew I was an adrenaline junky! It's so much fun to see where my little treasures are heading off to live: California, Vermont and Louisianna so far and to think maybe they're gifts these people bought for others and they'll touch others' hands. It's just really intriguing to me that, in the matter of only a month or so, something I made with my own hands is now residing in every corner of the country with people I've never met!

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Lizardbreath said...

Very I can buy something ;)

Sunny of The Beehive said...

Please, purchase to your little heart's content! I might even throw in a bonus for being the first person to comment on my blog!