Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Gravy!!

How long does it take a gal to figure out how to insert some pictures into her blog post?! Apparently two evenings! I'm even more blog impared than I first suspected, someone call for help. But I am learning and my blog is looking a little better and a little more like me, though many things are still off kilter. I suppose that's a little like me as well. My new item of the day (drum roll)...some more clothespin magnets! Christmas themed this time. I'm getting the feeling it won't take me much longer with these beloved things to start choking on them, as adorable as they are. It's like I have crafting ADD. I have so many different ideas I can't stick to one thing for long. Merry Christmas! I know, it's early, but I do loves me some Christmas. Click on a pic to go to the listing.

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