Monday, December 3, 2007

Someone Please Organize an Intervention...

...or send me a housekeeper, I'm drowning in my etsy induced mess of a house. I was actually getting into the swing of things with having 2 young boys and keeping up with the housework, then I had to discover etsy. Now I'm a full blown etsy addict. I'm on it every free moment I have, checking to see if I have a sale, posting new items. seeing if someone new hearts my store, reading the forums, looking at everyone else's super cool stuff. It's sad to say, but I'm pretty sure I spend more time piddling around on etsy than I do making stuff to sell! And, you can see by the photo, I have not yet gotten into the swing of 2 young boys, housework and etsy.

Ummm, Ok, it's now 12:30am and I've tried unsuccessfully several times, with my dialup connection to load a silly picture of how crappy my house looks. I'm tired and I no longer care. Just picture a kitchen counter covered like a mountain in crafting supplies, paper, shipping materials, boxes and looking like the slightest breath could cause an avalanche and you are picturing my house. My whole house. We have a small house so my "crafting area" is really right smack dab in the middle of the house and uses up the kitchen counter and often dinning table, but even aside from the craft stuff, everywhere you look in the house looks like an avalanche in the making. Now I'm off to dream land and maybe someday I'll get some pics to load without a hassle!

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