Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gearing Up For A Celebration, Monsters and Robots Style

 In only a few days the Little Mister will be ELEVEN months old! I can not believe the time has gone by so quickly. He's still as mellow as ever (thank goodness) and gaining new skills daily. Eleven months old means we are thinking about a first birthday party! I love first birthdays, we've always done those bigger than the other birthdays. They are just such a milestone, seeing a baby grow from this adorable, little blob of do-nothing to a baby who can move about the world, has opinions about stuff, can do things by themselves, communicate. And we survived it so we should get to celebrate!

I've decided the Little Mister's theme is going to be monsters and robots. I ordered this adorable hat from Fashion Touch on Etsy for his first birthday pictures. He thought it was so funny, not sure we'll get him to keep it on his head for long, taking this picture was a bit of a chore. I'm getting all excited with plans of things to make, decorations and scrappy craft projects then I wonder how I'll even get the house clean for a party, we're a zoo these days!

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