Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Day Craft Show

Last Saturday I sold my wares (not quite as many as hoped but enough) at the May Day Craft Show held at ArtChurch in Hot Springs, AR. Though it wasn't a huge financial success I made a bit and more importantly had a blast with my honey and all the other artists! I wasn't super thrilled with the way I set up my booth this time. I'm learning something at each show. There have only been three, so I can't be too hard on myself. Ok, I can, I'm a picky pants like that, but I'm doing my best to start cutting myself some slack.

My neighbor across the way was the fantastic Heather Montgomery. I couldn't resist acquiring a second pendant, they are just too beautiful. This time I picked a sailor pin-up girl and I love her so much I wore an outfit around her today!

The always colorful Doc Ray was at the show too. He was my neighbor at the last two shows and it makes me happy just to see him! Not to mention his out of this world gorgeous tie-dye.

Happy Crafting!

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