Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wish You Were Here

I don't think there could possibly be anything more wonderful than drinking my morning coffee while staring at the ocean with my feet buried in the sand. We're back now but I think I can hold this image in my happy place file, something to think of when other things don't feel so great.

I had promised the boys a trip to the beach. We didn't make it while in Destin so we detoured to Gulf Shores, Mississippi on the way home. That's where I finally had my relaxing coffee in the sand and the boys got to see the ocean. They've both seen it before but Lil' Spitfire was only about 3 months old. They were super adorable as usual!

The water was a little too cold that morning to tempt the boys too far in, I was kind of glad since that meant I didn't have to go swimming.

I think what this kid really needs is one more character in this outfit! Buzz Lightyear hat, Batman sunglasses, Curious George shirt, Nemo trunks, good grief! And may I just say this was one of my pre-mamma nevers: I will never put a piece of clothing on my kid that has a character on it. Oh well!

Brother's a close second with Jack Skellington hat, Batman sunglasses and Cars shirt.

My little boy isn't seeming so little anymore. I'm having a lot of those sighing-my baby's not a baby anymore- Mamma moments over my Mr. Golden Curls lately.

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Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks like there was fun all the way around.