Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, Get A Look At That!

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Wow, can it be? One of my item photos (my Jesus Saves cards) showing up in the #5 spot of Google image search. The Bohemian called me from work to tell me this wonderful discovery. Ok, this is probably not the big deal I'm making it out to be because it's not like it was my etsy shop showing up #4 on a search but it was still really cool to see! And it was interesting to see where else this image popped up. The coolest place was on Bitter Tonic In their 2007 gift guide The 12 Funniest Gifts To Give This Holiday Season. Pretty awesome because they linked to my shop. The most annoying was on a pastor's blog where he just stole it as an illustration without giving credit or a link. Maybe this shouldn't bother me so much but I really wanted to email him and inform him that a whole lot of work went into getting that photo on the web, the least he could do is credit it. Oh well.


idyll hands said...

That is pretty awesome. I'd use it as a reason to go out to dinner and celebrate because I'm always coming up with reasons for that :)

Shelley said...

oooh, shame on that pastor. I think you should email him, then sign it

Truth in Love,

(that one let's you get away with saying ALL kinds of things... :)