Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mission Statement

NOTE: My shop The Beehive is now Papercut Kitchen! Please visit my shop Papercut Kitchen by clicking here. The name has changed but the mission is the same...

I've been slowly going through the long list of critique notes I have on how to improve my modest little online store. I've also been reading a business book called The Boss of You. I am now able to mark another pretty big thing off my list, a mission statement for my business! I actually enjoyed writing it and hope that I came up with something fun and a little funny but also clear. So here it is (it's also in my etsy profile and a shorter version is in my etsy shop announcement. It will soon appear somewhere on this blog too).

I, the beehive, am on a mission to get all the photos, souvenirs and memorabilia of the world out of those chintzy, mass-produced albums and dust covered, mildew prone shoe boxes and into beautifully handcrafted, archivally sound splendor.

I want to make life easier for all those sleep-deprived super moms, busy punksters, doting grandmas and overworked people of the world who want their memories to last for generations but just can’t find the time to conquer such a task. How will I accomplish this colossal goal you ask? With custom, pre-made scrapbooks, full of great papers and embellishments, that await only your photos to be complete. With my unique Memory Catchers that let you jot down notes and collect souvenirs in a way you’ll be proud to show off, without the time and effort of taking on scrapbooking from scratch. Busy people of the world have no fear, I have done your scrapbooking for you!


TheTwistedPurl said...

I adore your scrapbook photo books. It so inspires me to get some of my digital photos printed. I may have to get a couple of your books, put in pics of the boys over the last year, and give them as gifts to the grandparents. Those would make great Christmas gifts =D

Sunny of The Beehive said...

I'm glad I could inspire you! I'd love to make some special order books for you! I also have the A Year In The Life album that already has a spread for each year.