Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Year Of The Potter

It all started that fate-filled day in August of 1995. It was orientation week at the U of A when a punked out bookworm was approached by an outgoing, semi-preppy band nerd on the cusp of rebelling against his upbringing. It was a week before their first freshman classes had even begun, she was sitting outside of the library reading The History Of Psychology just for fun and he had time to kill. It was no love at first sight easy romance but he was a talker who made her laugh and think and she was painfully shy, making her an impeccably good listener. Much maturing, dating, foibles and 6 years later they were wed and been happily so ever since!

The Bohemian and I celebrated our 8th anniversary a couple weeks ago and we've been so crazy busy it almost got lost in the mix. But we didn't forget and we both managed to squeeze in themed gifts and a date! Year 8 is all about gifts of pottery or bronze and we love pottery. Our date was fantastic, good German food and beer downtown, drinks on The Arlington veranda, new body jewelry at Redbeard's. Not your conventional anniversary date I suppose but right up our alley!

For gifts I got The Bohemian a mug for math nerds from Karin Lorenc on Etsy. If you love pottery too you have to check out her shop full of fantastic stoneware. My gift I got to pick out myself. Normally I would think this was completely unromantic, but in this case he surprised me by taking me to the Dryden pottery shop where they actually make the pottery and I got to pick my own! As soon as I walked in I was rubbing my hands together in delight, it was so hard to chose. I finally settled on the vase above. The pics just don't do it justice because the colors are beautiful and the shape is so simple and so lovely. It makes me smile every time I see it!

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