Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taming The Rebel Pug In Style

The face of a satisfied customer

I didn't think I'd gone into Pug ownership unawares. I had done my research and read that they were notoriously difficult to housebreak. I decided that being home all the time I was up to the challenge. But for anyone who's contemplating a Pug, wherever you see "can be difficult to housebreak" read instead "probably will never be 100% housebroken!" About a month ago I was at wits end with Mr. Cash Pugface and his naughty pottying ways. So much so that I was on the edge of finding him a new home. I posted my exasperation at the fantastic Pug Village Forums and was greeted with wonderful ideas that might save my rescue puggie yet another relocation (and myself and the boys some big time heartbreak). I was told about belly bands. I jumped on Etsy and found a great seller, Do-Daa Doggie Apparel, who makes them in your choice of fabric so I ordered right away, you can also get matching bandannas! I just got them in the mail yesterday and am thrilled. I'm saying a little prayer that this does the trick (along with some other things I'm trying). When I first put one on Mr. Cash he ran around like his hind end was on fire but he's already warmed up to them and already thinks nothing of it being on.

Belly Band and Bandanna by Do-Daa Doggie Apparel on Etsy (click here for your own!)

Belly Bands by Do-Daa Doggie Apparel on Etsy (click here for your own!)


Karen said...

So is it kind of like a diaper??

We finally had to put Sonny on amitryptaline for his floor-scratching. Sigh...why are dogs so lovable yet so aggravating!?

Sunny of The Beehive said...

AW, poor anxious Sonny! Is it working? Yes, the Belly Band is a male doggie diaper that just covers up the boy parts. It does nothing if he decides to poo but honestly I'd rather pick dog poo up off the floor than clean it off the pug/diaper! Besides, and I say this in a whisper lest I jinx, he hasn't really been having that problem, he's a pee-er.