Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creating Handmade With Handmade, It's A Hoot!

What A Hoot premade owl-themed scrapbook layout by The Beehive

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I've recently been hunting down handmade scrapbook supplies to use in the making of my own goodies and it's been so much fun! The quality of the supplies have been out of this world, it makes it hard for me to use up the mass produced supplies I already had! it's also a fantastic feeling to be supporting my fellow crafter and to know that the things I'm using were made by the hands of human beings, people with stories and lives and passions.

What A Hoot premade owl-themed scrapbook layout by The Beehive

Features fantastic owl and tree tags by A Scrappy Design, a couple of Tessa Ann's wonderful handmade buttons and Aimoobaroo's all too perfect fabric covered owl brad.

I used 2 of Aimoobaroo's fabric covered brads on this memory catcher, the deer and the little birdie on the mushroom. I think I'm in love!

Stay tuned for more fantastic handmade things from The Beehive made from fantastic handmade things! I have a premade layout using some of Tessa Ann's big, cute as pie buttons in the works. Just a hint: happy woodland creatures make me happy!

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